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There is a variety of advantages to installing skylights in your home that can improve your mood and health, your home’s lighting and energy efficiency.

  • Reduction of energy consumption through lessened reliance on electrically powered sources of lighting
  • Natural sunlight is a bactericide, UV light disrupts the reproductive functions of bacteria, effectively eliminating bacteria from areas it could comfortably live in under artificial light
  • Natural sunlight is known to stimulate the production of vitamin D and improve people’s moods
  • poor lighting from artificial lights can cause headaches and is hard on our eyes, natural sunlight provides an alternative that is easier on our eyes
  • There certain local, state and federal government incentives such as tax incentives and other rebates for installing skylights in your home

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Insulation can help prevent this temperature exchange by trapping air in your home and preventing it from moving from one area to another. The ability of insulation to effectively limit the transition of air from one area to another is measured in R value. The higher the R value, the more effective the insulation will be at preventing the air temperature from fluctuating. The majority of the state of Florida is considered to be a zone 2 area for insulation, meaning the recommended R value for most homes is between R30 and R60.

If your skylight is not installed correctly, it can result in leaks that cause extensive damage to your home, and even void any warranty you have on your roof. Consult one of the experienced roofers from Campbell Roofing and Sheet Metal to learn more about skylight installation.

   Skylight Installation

Since we opened in 1980, Campbell Roofing and Sheet Metal has maintained a vision of providing quality services and products at an affordable cost. Our over 30 years of experience, combined with our several manufacturer certifications prepare us to complete any skylight installation project quickly and effectively without compromising the integrity of your roof. You can rely on our experience and expertise to help you design the skylights and daylighting features in your home to maximize their effects. Don’t hesitate to call us any longer, start saving today. Schedule your appointment for skylight installation with Campbell Roofing and Sheet Metal today!

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Skylights have been proven to offer numerous benefits to homeowners including reducing the need for energy consumption to power artificial lighting. The effects of skylights can be multiplied by the effective and strategic placement of mirrors that reflect natural light throughout your home. This effect is known as daylighting. The most crucial consideration that you will make when installing a skylight is the roofing contractor that you choose.

  Skylight Installation Benefits