At Campbell Roofing and Sheet Metal, we have made it our mission to provide you the quality products and services you deserve. Our staff has spent the last 30 years proving our commitment to our clients by performing superior work and never using sub-contractors. In addition, all of our work and products are warrantied so you can feel confident that you are choosing a contractor who takes pride in their work and performs their work with integrity. Call our office now to learn more about solar powered attic fan installation.

Any time you are thinking about installing a device that requires cutting into your roof, you need to consult a licensed roofer to ensure that your installation goes smoothly. The roofers at Campbell Roofing and Sheet Metal are more than happy to answer any questions you may have regarding solar powered attic fan installation.

During the warm summer months in Southwest Florida, radiant heat generated from the sun warms your roof’s exterior shingles before it penetrates your roof and warms your attic space. Eventually, the warm air in your attic, if not removed by a fan or other device, will find its way into your home.

Once the warm air from outside enters your home, it will trigger your air conditioning system to maintain a cool and comfortable temperature, expending energy and adding to your energy bill. Even if your home has adequate insulation installed in your attic, the transfer of heat will still occur. Moreover, even after the sun has set for the night, warm air in your attic will persist.

Installing a solar powered attic fan removes the warm air from your attic before it can seep into your home. The less warm air that flows into your home, the less often you will need to run your air conditioner to keep the air in your home feeling refreshing and pleasant. Additionally, because the fan is run by electricity produced from solar energy, it doesn’t cost you anything to operate. 

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Why Install a Solar Powered Attic Fan?

Insulation can help prevent this temperature exchange by trapping air in your home and preventing it from moving from one area to another. The ability of insulation to effectively limit the transition of air from one area to another is measured in R value. The higher the R value, the more effective the insulation will be at preventing the air temperature from fluctuating. The majority of the state of Florida is considered to be a zone 2 area for insulation, meaning the recommended R value for most homes is between R30 and R60.

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Among the various energy solutions that you can install in your home to improve your energy efficiency, solar powered attic fans provide a cost-effective measure that can keep your home cooler during the summer and reduce your energy costs. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS), provides a tax credit for both the purchase and installation of solar powered attic fans that can save homeowners up to 30% on their expenses

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