Tile roofs may cost more than other roofing options in terms of initial installation costs. However, the fact that they outlast many other roofs as well as require less maintenance and are more durable means that they will retain value better than other roofs. In addition, the aesthetic appeal of tile roofs can improve the property value of a home.


Many tile roofs, whether they are clay or concrete, come with warranties for 50 years worth of coverage. In addition, clay tile roofing has been used for centuries in Asia and Europe as the principal roofing system, and there are instances where these archaic roofs have maintained their functionality for centuries. Often, tile roofing outlasts the building it is tasked with protecting.


Tile roofing systems provide excellent insulation for your home when combined with decking and air space that can help keep your home cool and lower your energy bills. The air space between the roof itself and your home allows for increased air circulation that helps to prevent direct heat transfer from the exterior of your home into your attic. By keeping your attic cool, tile roofing helps your air conditioner work less and consume less energy – reducing how much you spend on energy bills.


Tiles are noncombustible, meaning that they will not catch fire, and the entirety of the roofing system is given a Class A fire safety rating, making it eligible for the lowest possible insurance premiums. Additionally, tile roofing systems also stand up well against hail storms. When hail is no larger than two inches in diameter, the damage sustained by a tile roof typically only requires roughly 10% of the tiles to be replaced. Similar storms affect other roofing material more negatively and often require the entire roof to be replaced.

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