What is a Soffit?


The word soffit is derived from the French word for “formed as a ceiling” and the Latin term for “to fix underneath.” It is the exposed surface beneath the overhanging section of a roof eave. It can also refer to the horizontal underside of similar architectural structures such as an archway, a staircase or a ceiling.

What is Fascia?


Roofing fascia board is another common area that can be damaged and may need to be repaired. The fascia is a vertical finishing edge connected to the ends of the rafters, trusses, or the area where the gutter is attached to the roof. The primary role of the fascia is to act as a layer between the edge of the roof and the outdoors, and is meant to protect the wooden board against water damage that can occur during certain weather conditions

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Proper installation of fascia and soffits help to complete the appearance of your home. That’s why professional installation is highly recommended.Technically, a soffit is the underside of any element of a building. The most common soffit is found in the area under the eaves on the exterior of the house. The soffit extends from the side of the house to the edge of the eave and closes the space beneath the eave.

The soffit is more vulnerable to weather damage than any other part of the house. Wet material rots, and a soffit can be repeatedly soaked by water from torn shingles, damaged or rusted flashing, ice dams, or poorly functioning gutters.

Birds can also damage a soffit, since they like to nest in the space in the space behind soffits if they can find a point of entry. Bees, hornets, and wasps do not actually damage a soffit, but when they build a nest behind a soffit, they present a problem for the homeowners.

If your home has any type of trim around the roof then you usually have fascia board on your roof. Fascia board shields your roof by blocking your roof from the exterior. Fascia board also shelters your roof and house from water harm. Almost all homes new our old use some type of fascia board.


Where the house meets the roof is where the fascia board goes. Fascia board includes soffits which give ventilation to your home. The soffit is usually under the fascia board, and the gutters are fastened to the fascia board.


The benefits of having fascia board are to protect your home. They act like a perimeter that keeps the roof from touching the house. When the roof ends at the wall, it lets water drip from the roof down to the walls and pool around the foundation. The buildup of water seeps through the walls and foundation, causing water damage inside the home. The fascia board pushes the water off the house by a few inches, keeping the water away from the house, which helps with both rain and snow.


While fascia board is exposed to nature, it is vulnerable to certain types of environments, especially from rain and snow. When the water lies on the boards it tends to decay. The infected area spreads to other areas on the roof. The fascia board could also take damage from a tree limb falling off the roof, or gusty winds that rip the wood.

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